Great Moments in Human Innovation: Spoonachos

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There comes a time in every person’s life when they look around them and take stock.

Have you accomplished the things you dreamed of as a child?  Are you the person you always wanted to be?  Do you have the life you spent countless hours dreaming about while waiting up on that rooftop with that rifle, taking half-hearted potshots at garden-invading woodchucks?

For me, that day came in the fall of the year 2001.  It was a harrowing time full of confusion, sadness, anger and fear.  But there was one bright spot that served to almost alleviate the palpable dread that permeated every waking moment:

Cue the Heavenly Choir

It was during this time of pensive introspection that I discovered Frito’s Scoops.  Until this time, man had been reduced to his primitive state- hunchbacked, emitting guttural grunts of frustration as he tried, in vain, to deliver the ideal balance of chip and dip to his drooling, gaping maw.  This was no small feat when the “chips” were really just a collection of randomly sized shards.

With the advent of the Scoop, man had transcended this barbaric ritual of ‘cheeze’-coated fingers and nearly empty jars flung like so much dung. 

And now, a new day has dawned: Introducing the Spoonacho.

Now, before anyone gets too excited, it should be noted that Spoonachos are, as of now, merely an idea.  The website featuring these marvels appears to be a sort of fantasia on the part of an advertising professional or graphic designer.  But they are drawing some attention, which could help them become a reality.

These crispy culinary chimeras are presented in a package reminiscent of Pringles, while the chips themselves have a similar shape as Tato Skins, formerly from Keebler and now from Poore Brothers.  Maybe this ad will refresh the memory.

My Nom-nomesis.

They also remind me of the spoons used at Asian restaurants for pho and other soups.  This comparison is less than flattering as those damn things will simply not fit into your mouth, no matter how hard you try.

But, just as mankind must strive to reach the heavens in a rocket-powered chariot of the gods, so must we continue to strive for snacking perfection.

Maybe- just maybe- one day, we will succeed.

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