Links (Not Sausage): Plush Bacon, DIY McRib & More

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  • BREAKING NEWS: NO Burgers rot!

Recently, in the blogosphere, a great deal has been made of Sally Davies’ photo experiment: a new picture taken every day of a McDonald’s Happy Meal, showing that the Mcfood does not grow any mold.  McHaters took this as a sign that McDonald’s was selling something that consisted of such small amounts of perishable “real food” and/or such massive quantities of preservatives that their burgers defied the laws of nature.

Oops, maybe not so much.  J. Kenji Lopez-Alt has posted a story on recreating the experiment with a homemade burger made from fresh ground beef and it turns out those don’t rot either!  With a large surface area and little moisture to begin with, the burgers just dry up too fast for mold to grow.

-from flickr user Jeff Sandquist

The McRib is back and the internet is flooded with reviews, pictures, screeds, and jokes.  But is it really “all that”?  With or without the bag of chips?

I had one myself a couple of weeks ago and I have to say that the McRib is, without a doubt… a sandwich you can buy at McDonalds.  I mean, what would you expect?

Well, why not try this recipe and make McRibs at home?  The only problem I can see is this recipe says to start with a 3 lb. pork belly which is a slightly larger McRib than sane people would normally eat.

  • -from flickr user Jacob Freeze

    “Gossip Girl” star and “punk rocker” Taylor Momsen is SO Hardcore!

It must be really tough to be a child actor who tries to grow up and continue in the entertainment industry as an adult- doing adult things all adult-y like.  Well, Taylor Momsen has been working very hard at that transition lately.  Of course, it’s going to be a lot tougher with stuff like this floating around:



 “And I helped!”

  • Plush Bacon Toy Indoctrinates Children Early into The Cult of Cured Pork

Thinkgeek has come out with what will surely be this holiday season’s hottest toy:



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