Links (Not Sausage): Coca-Cola Coupons, Cookie Monster Chanteur, Denny’s Brawl and More

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Someone at put together this list which includes, a 1959 meat commercial starring Kermit, Cookie Monster singing “Hey Food” with The “Beetles” and of course, this guy:

Conspicuously absent from the list is the time when Bert and Ernie went on a nice weekend tour of some Napa Valley vineyards… 

What’s a woman to do when her boyfriend disrespects her in front of her 1-year-old son?  Why, assault him with a plate of tamales!  Of course, a snarky person might point out that tamales are about as soft a weapon as you could possibly use…  Let’s listen to what blues legend Robert Johnson has to say about tamales:

It'll put some ardor in your larder! -from

In his book, For God, Country and Coca-Cola, Mark Pendergrast provides an exhaustive look at one of the most influential companies of the 20th century.  What I don’t remember reading in that book is the fact that Coca-Cola pioneered the use of coupons which could be redeemed by reticent consumers for a glass of the bubbly brown cocaine tincture.

  • City Councilman sees suspicious activity, calls police

Oh, wait… Turns out it was some kids having a bake sale.  And, Councilman resigns in 3… 2… 1…

  • Brawl at Denny’s

Insert requisite “Grand Slam” joke here.  From The Daily What via Gawker

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  1. Butterbean said,

    During the early 1990s, Denny’s was involved in a series of discrimination lawsuits involving several cases of servers denying or providing inferior service to racial minorities, especially African-American customers.

    In 1994, Denny’s settled a class action lawsuit filed by thousands of African-American customers who had been refused service, forced to wait longer, or pay more than white customers. – from wikipedia

    After watching that video of the brawl I wonder why Denny’s was charging them more.

  2. Links (Not Sausage): The Most Ridiculous Thanksgiving Meal EVER, USB Port Bean Microwave, and More | Take a Long Ride on the Short Bus said,

    […] Links (Not Sausage): Coca-Cola Coupons, Cookie Monster Chanteur, Denny’s Brawl and More […]

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