Man Runs Out On $3,700 Restaurant Bills- Run Up in Only 3 Nights!

November 18, 2010 at 4:58 am (Gastro-Nominal) (, , , , , , , , , , )

Pictured: The Victims of this Senseless Crime -from flickr user Serilium

Several news outlets are reporting on young, unemployed Janis Nords of London.  Why?  Well, he’s under arrest for eating at 3 of the best restaurants in the London area.

But then, he apparently forgot to pay- leaving unpaid bills totalling 2,335 pounds- or $3,700.

Geez.  And I feel guilty when I dip into the ‘Take a Penny’ tray…

Look at them... dancing around, being all tempting... -from flickr user cursorial_seal


  1. Slamdunk said,

    Now that is one costly bill…

    • vitajex said,

      I told him, “You don’t need extra cheese!” But did he listen? No…

      Now, technically, it was 3 separate bills; 300+ pounds at one place, 980 at another and 1,021 at a third. For perspective, my car is worth about the same as that last one… <==THE Most Depressing Sentence Typed Today

      Thanks for stopping by, Slamdunk.

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