Links (Not Sausage): The Most Ridiculous Thanksgiving Meal EVER, USB Port Bean Microwave, and More

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Pedal-Powered Food Processor -from Neatorama

  • It Chops, It Slices, It Dices, It Runs on Foot Power

German engineer Christoph Thetard designed and built this foot-powered food processor with 3 attachments: a grinder, a chopper and a blender.  So now it’s possible to make an entire meal without using any electricity- something no man has ever accomplished in all of recorded history.  via Neatorama 



Beans, beans, the magical fruit... Now also cooked by magic! -from


  • 10 Ridiculous Kitchen Gadgets has a list of 10 insane kitchen gadgets, including a microwave made especially for heating up Heinz beans that plugs into the USB port of your computer- you know, for all those times you’re grinding out some stupid spreadsheet or dungeon-crawling through your favorite adventure and you just get that intense and undeniable NEED FOR BEANS…  Actually, that never happens, does it?

There’s also this thing- a watermelon cooler/heater.  These are from Japan (Quelle Surprise!) and cost $335.  I used to have one of these but I had to sell it to be able to afford my detoaster, which is amazingly good at turning toast back into bread. 



-from Photbucket user ravenhairedmaid


  • Don’t Wanna Advertise on Google?  OK Then- You’re Closed. is reporting on a Hawaiian restaurant that’s been having a little problem with Google.  Staff at the restaurant have apparently told customers that “the reason GoogleMaps is telling you we are permanently closed is because we won’t pay their extortion money (advertising money).” 

Google, of course, promptly responded by updating the listing to show that the restaurant was still open and then proceeded to twist the ends of their long, handlebar moustaches before muttering, “Next time, my pretty- next time…”

  • And Then There Was… THIS…

From the creators of The Angry French Canadian Sandwich comes this monstrous beast: The TurBacon Epic.

Start with a turkey, then put a duck in it, then a chicken, then a Cornish hen, then a quail.  Stuff that with bacon stuffing, cover it with bacon strips- and bacon strips- and bacon strips.  Then put that inside a pig.

And I thought it was indulgent when Grandma used real butter to baste the bird… via The Daily What

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